Winner | Best program or series : DOCUFICTION

Gémeaux 2016


Written by

Michelle Allen

Dominique Lachance

Manon Vallée


Directed by

François Bégin

Chantal Limoges


Line Producer

Mélissa Dupont



André Dupuy



The stories told in Lien fatal cover a large spectrum of criminal acts : fraud, assault, arson, abduction, child kidnapping, blackmail, homicide attempt, death threat, domestic violence, sexual assault, identity theft, pimping and murder.


What is peculiar about all these stories, is that not only did the victims and the perpetrators knew each other, but there was also a real trust between them. They started out as friends, family, neighbours, they worked together or rubbed elbows daily…


Each episode of Lien fatal, explores how, and the mysterious reasons why, a seemingly normal relationship turns toxic, even lethal.





10 x 30 MIN.








At times, it can happen that we trust people close to us that don’t deserve it. Unfortunately, this misplaced confidence can sometimes transform our lives into nightmares. In Lien Fatal – The Game, you are the wronged party. Using a combination of investigation and risk management, you must find the culprit among several suspects, all people close to you, but without giving yourself away and having them lose their trust in you.